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A well-motivated man works a lot better and helps develop business. Everyone knows that. Still, does completing all formalities regarding human resources take too much time? Do you lack energy to motivate employees? STOP!

Spend your time on developing soft areas of Human Resources, and let our specialists take care of time-consuming paperwork from human resources and payroll accounting areas. Credos’ experts not only have a long-standing and varied experience, but chose this job intentionally and approach it with passion.

Should you wish to remember a list of formalities relating to human resources and payroll accounting one last time, click here

We run a company the purpose of which is to relieve management boards of standard accounting activities and settling unusual financial projects. In Credos, we adhere to such fundamental values as integrity, accountability and openness in communication. Full range of accounting services rendered in Warsaw, Katowice and Wrocław allows our partners to spread the wings in key areas of their business. It also gives them the comfort of having permanent access to all data of their company (including through logging into our system) as well as an opportunity to draw on constantly widened experience and knowledge of our accountants.

We also know from personal experience that a good, trusted, and reliable accountant is not easy to find. However, over the years of conducting business activity we managed to create a team of enthusiasts of accounting processes who are always ready to support various orders.

Credos - human resources and payroll accounting in Warsaw, Wrocław and Katowice. We are looking forward to doing business with you.


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